Peier "Tracy" Shen is a second year Directing Fellow at the AFI Conservatory. She recently graduated from Columbia University, with BAs in both English and Film & Media Studies, obtaining honors in the film department. She served as a marketing representative for Universal Pictures for the past three years, and is currently interning at FF2 Media as a critic. She has so far written, directed and produced the short films Breathe Bella, ROMaNCE, A Touch of Passion, Descartes, and directed Lives Unseen, The Space, and The Yellow Wallpaper at AFI, and directed and produced the stage play "Candy Hymns.” Growing up in China while being very engaged in Western cultures, she’s interested in creating films with global vision and multi-perspectives.  

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I met various Huis and Chamos over the years and we would share stories of grief and joy as people who left home to become something for themselves or for somebody else. At the end of the day, we would have to move on to our individual lives as travelers do. Out of Place, I realize now, is not just for me but also for them.